[HighChartsComponent] v9

[HighChartsComponent] v9

Forge Component
Published on 30 Aug by J.
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Published on 30 Aug by J.

I would like to use this component in our solution. We are on version 9. Any chanse this will be available soon for v9


what's wrong  with the default version in Outsystems?
it's highcharts as well afaik ?

I get this message if I want to Install it.

High Chart jQuery charting component has no dependencies.

erm, what I meant was.

By default you have "Charts" installed by Outsystems itself.
as far as I know, it's based on highcharts.

Unless you need something very very very specific, you should try to install this component, otherwise just use "Charts" 
Yes, one can use the standard charts, but they seem very limited.

For one You can not specify data for the Z_Axis for 3d charting? Or am I missing something. (This is very possible, I'm very new to outsystems)

Hey guys,

Does the component works with HighMaps? 

I am checking stuff out.

at least I'm contacting the developer so I could upgrade this component.

I need custom charts myself :)

update to latest highcharts.

also included the example for highmaps, so you can use that as well.