Liverpool - LayoutPopup

Hi, Im trying to use the LayoutPopup but it renders a thin form (image) no matter is the window size.
Hello Rogério,

Thanks for your feedback.

This issue was solved on a previous Silk UI Version and so we are not able to replicate it. Can you please let us know the version you currently have installed so that we may replicate your server conditions?

To find out which version you have, just go to http://<YourServer>/SilkUIFramework

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus
Thx, Samuel. We're using 1.0.1.
Hello Rogério,

So, if you upgrade to the most recent version that issue should be fixed.
Is this something you can do ?

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus
Hi Samuel,

I'm experiencing the same problem here.
In which version is this problem solved? I just installed the newest version so it says I'm using 1.0.3.
Still the problem continues.

kind regards,
Martijn Habraken
Hello Martijn,

The issue was solved on the latest version available on Forge, so, If it is saying 1.0.3 you should have the fix.
Can you share an example Espace and/or a screenshot ?  

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus