Copy error logs from Service center to Application.

Copy error logs from Service center to Application.

Hello All,

I am running timer in my application. Timer is running fine for few records and it's giving errors for few records. Errors are getting stored in Service Center's error log. I want to copy those errors in my application and want to see those errors whenver I want. Is there any way to copy errors from Service center to application?

Suraj Borade
you want the stacktrace or just the message?

if you want to grab just the message, simply catch the error and use session.errormessage to get the latest and store it whereever you want...
otherwise, just check the system-tables.

In order to check the errors you can either go to Service Center, or consume the Error_Log entity from the (System) module.

This will give you access to all logs which you can filter by your application / module like Service Center does.