Any change WADL support will be added to the REST API soon?

Any change WADL support will be added to the REST API soon?

On the moment I am adding REST services. The client delivered a WADL but OS doesn't support this.
Now, I need to add every service by hand and there are a lot of them.
So, I was curious if WADL support will happen in the near future.
(the format seems basic enough and it is easier then WSDL).
Hi Hans,

Currently the are no plans for it since we found that use of wadl (even being around for 7+ years) was very low.

There are plans to improve the consumption of REST APIs for Swagger (the technology we are using to document Exposed REST APIs) and an overall improvement of the import experience. 
I can check what would take to also give wadl support on top of that, but can't promise anything at this point.

Using the examples to import your service, are you having difficulties?
Or it's because there are many methods?

If you could explain a bit your pain points in the current experience it would be great, to allow us to improve the feature.

João Rosado
The problem momentary is two-fold: since the wadl is not supported, I am forced to learn what a WADL is, does and how the construction is setup in order to be able to read it. I need to read and interpret it to get the necessary data to feed the REST api in OS. Luckily it is nowhere as complex as a WSDL can be, but reading it feels like an unneeded task.
I have thought about creating an interpreter for it but I don't know how to interact with the REST api code to automatically create the necessary methods (like the WSDL does for webservices).
The other problem is just volume: there are around 70 methods I need to import manually. For now I tackle it by focussing on the process flow and just implementing the ones I need now. Yes very agile, but the reality is that I still need to implement all of them sooner or later :)