RecordList to C# DataTable

RecordList to C# DataTable


Can anybody help me with an example or some guidance on how to perform a RecordList to C# DataTable conversion in Integration Studio?  

We are developing an extension with Integration Studio ( in which I need to convert a record list (list) to some sort of C# enumerable object, preferably a DataTable.  The intention of the extension is to accept the output of any aggregate action for processing.  The exact type of entity in the record list can therefore not be defined at design time.


Records and Record Lists don't offer much in instrospection capabilities. Their intended use is for typed record lists to be used in Extensions, not to analyse a generic record list.

That being said, there are a few extensions out there (ardoJSON, XML Records) which use reflection to instrospect the values they're given. Maybe you can inspire yourself from their code to achieve your goals.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you to create an Idea to add an introspection API to records / record lists so this use-case is better covered when programming generic extensions.
Thanks Ricardo.  The XMLRecords extension gave me enough to figure out how to proceed.