9.4 Edit a Record in a Pop-up

on the video 9.4 Edit a Record in a Pop-up at result popup window is movable. However I got at result not movable window. How make popup window movable? Is there any property for?
Hi Jamal,

If you set a title on the popup window (in the popup widget) then the window will be rendered with a top bar with that title that allows you to move the popup around.
Hi Andre,
I set title on RichWidgets\Popup_Editor however it does not become movable. What I am thinking either it depends on browser. I am using Chrome. If you think there is another reason, let me know.
However I have tried with firefox, Internet Explorer as well and result was the same - popup windows is unmovable.

Can you share a screenshot of the popup? Clicking on the header and draggin should move the window...
I have sent the screenshot via e-mail. 
Hi there, I am also having issues with my pop-up. A whole new window is opened instead of a pop-up and I get an error at the top of my wondow and not sure how to resolve this. Could you pleas help - images attached.
Hi Kim,

As the message indicates the link widget that you use to popup the window from should have the Method property set to Navigate. Watch at 2:03 that the Method of the issue link is set to Navigate.
Hello guys, i'm already have this problem: An exception occurred in the client script.<br> Error: Popup link id must be the id of a Link or Button Widget with Method Navigate. 
But I passed the Id correctly like the video said at the 2:03 moment. I don't know whatelse can it be. Can you help me?
Hi Vitor,

Has the message indicates the link that opens the popup (in the video the IssueLink) must have the Method property set to Navigate.