XML to RecordList

Hi All,

I had this weird issue using the XML to RecordList. I got it working under an Espace that had it referenced, but when I try to use it to another Espace, Its not working. Its throwing a "Not able to deserialize type "
Error. I can't seem to find the issue here since its the same method being used by different espaces, I even try debugging using the same values so im sure its not the data. Then I looked at the references.

UI Espace 1 (working espace has the XMLRecords reference to it)
UI Espace 2 (not working)
Service Espace (has the XMLRecords referenced to it, and this is the espace that has the method being used by both the UI espace)

When I tried to reference the XMLRecords to the UI Espace 2, It works. This just means that it doesn't matter if the UI espace is using the XMLRecords as long as a reference method is using it, you should reference the XMLRecord regardless. 

Is this normal practice?