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Published on 2015-06-09 by Labs
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Published on 2015-06-09 by Labs
We just upgraded our server to the latest version and installed this connector.  What we want to do is when someone submits a feedback using the white dot, an alert is sent to our programmers and on our users dashboards they can see the status of their feedback items.  Within the same application that the feedback is being submitted on we would like to be able to "see" when a feedback has been selected, create our own data table with information on comments from programmers, status of in progress, closed, open or if this is pertinent to another open issue link this feedback with the other feedback such that as progress is made all users associated can see it.  If I use the connector, how exactly do I get this information out of ect (or app feedback as I guess its named now).

Thank you for any information/help!
Hello Jason,
This connector is to be used together with ECT Server Connector to collect feedback from other environments. For example, if you have ECT in production and you want to consolidate all the feedback in development, you would install ECT Client Connector in production, install ECT Server Connector in development and configure ECT Server Connector to point to DEV so that all the feedback ends up in this DEV.
So my point is, if you have the need to consolidate the feedback from multiple environments, use the server + client connectors. IF what you need is to build an app that enhances the information about each feedback, remember that ECT has a data model that is public. You can reference it and build the app you describe on top of it.
Hope it helps
Pedro Cardoso

Ah, so if I am going to write my own code within my module, all I should need is just to reference the datatables within ect_provider and then write my own code?
Yep, that is correct!

Ok, maybe you can help out on a related question.  We want to change some of the base functionality of ect_provider.  However, its a system component so we can't edit it directly.  What we would like to do is make our own copy of it as an espace on our server and make whatever edits we want to it directly and then remove the normal ect_provider from the system and instead have the white dot on all our screens point to our edited copy of ect_provider.

How would you go about that?
Unfortunately that is not possible, since ECT_Provider is a system component.
Nevertheless, if can describe what you wish to achieve, I can point you in the right direction.
well what we want is a better interface for the ect provider such that when a feedback comes in we can get an alert (email or otherwise), users of the system can see the feedbacks they have submitted, we on the programming side can have open/closed/inprogress/joined feedback statuses and provide direct feedback or questions to the users from the interface that we view the screenshot of their feedback (ie send them an email etc).
So, if I understand you correctly, you don’t need to change the way that feedback is collected but you want to have a new and enhanced backoffice to allow a bunch of new functionalities, right?
Well, if possible we do have some session variables we have put in that we would love to have captured when they do a feedback.  If that is alot of work, we can live without it for now but would like to add that in the future.

Except for adding some session variables, yes we just want a new skin for it that we can make modifications to over time (hence keeping it inside OutSystems vs a 3rd party program).
Got it. Capturing more information is not possible, unfortunately. But, depending on the information you need, it might be present already.
To build the new backoffice, I would say that you need to reference the tables from ECT, and just build the app as you need.
Is there something in ECT backoffice that you’ll like to keep?
Ok, so in my app reference the tables and collecting the feedback will still be within ect_provider, I just take the info from ect_provider (say a timer every 5 minutes checks for new feedbacks) and do stuff there?
Yep, that's what I'm suggesting!
Ok, thank you very much for your help!
Any time Jason. If you need anything else, ping me back!
Hi Jason,

How actually do you take the info from ect_provider?

Hello Daniel,

the database is publibly available.