Entity data migration to lower environment

Entity data migration to lower environment

We are working on an issue and we need the latest production data to be available in test database. What is the questest way to copy data from prod to QA database? The problem we are facing here is the table names are different in prod and QA environments though their fields are same. If we truncate tables in QA and copy table data from Prod to QA would that impact timers and lifetime?
Hi Prasanta,

The quickest way would be for you to create a simple export to excel and import and then export from PRD and import in QA.

But if you have a lot of data and a lot of tables then the best option would be for you to use an external ETL tool to copy everything and maintain the relationship between records. For this you have the free pentaho version which is quite good.

As for impacts if you only migrate application data it shouldn't have any impact in lifetime but could have in your timers depending on the kind of processing they do. You need to evaluate the impact in your code of changing data in the DB.

Hope this helps.