[Easy Gantt] Easy Gantt Task data duplicated in groups and Clickable not working
Forge component by Guilherme Pereira

I am using the Easy Gantt, and came across the following 2 errors.
The first ; on the Sample, the Task information is being duplicated in both groups.  I sorted this in my env by clearing out the GantGroup.Task List. This is just FYI.
The second I have not been able to solve.  I need to catch the clickable function.  When the gantt is clicked, I need a process to happen but I cant seem to get this working.  It doesnt do anything.
Can anyone help me with this.
Hi Sophia,

What do you mean by duplicated on both groups? The groups are sent to the component, not match by it so I cannot understand what you mean with that.

To catch the event of a click you just have to implement the OnNotify action and catch the notification sent by the component. It's pretty straightforward, but if you need an exmple just look into the sample application which has this implemented.


Thanks for you response. Please see attachments for a more detailed explanation.
Gantt clickable.docx

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for the info. You're absolutely right.

The sample have a bug (missing a clear before iterations) and the click is also not being triggered.

I'll be releasing a new version today with these issues fixed.

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