[Integrated Security] LogOut Session Issues

Quick question,

I'm not sure if i'm facing a bug or just my bad configuration.
I have implemented integrated security with Active directory, it seems to be working fine, especially the login part.
The Logout option seems not to be deleting the sessions properly, after Logout and page refresh i seem to be logged in again.
I have tried with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 same issue. 
And if I finally manage to log out and visit the Users page( I get logged in again automatically). 
Anyone having the same issue? 

Using OS  Version


I guess that is because the browser has a credential cache, so it will send them again automatically when the server requests it again.
So it's not actually a platform issue, just how all the browsers work.

I googled a bit a got some hacks as workarounds. Not sure If I would actually recommend them....but didn't find any alternative.
Maybe you will have a better luck than me.

João Rosado
Thanks João Rosado.