Editable table Add Record event

Editable table Add Record event

Hi all

I'd like to perform an action when the user clicks on 'Add Record' in an editable table. Is there any way I can create an action on this event ?  I cannot seem to find this option.



Hi Bilal,

You might be able to do that creating a hidden button (css style with diplay:none) on the page and then adding an expression with escape content set to No and with script like this:

$('.RowWithAddAction a').click(function(){$('#" + HiddenButton.Id + "').click(); });


Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago

That works, however it no longer adds the row to the editable table.  The table is refreshed.  I added the row manually (listappend) in the action logic, however that does not work either.

I'd like the row to be added the normal way after I have pre-filled the row with the correct data.  Any idea on how to achieve this ? 

Hi Bilal,

I am looking for similar functionality where, when I click on add record, I want the new record to be populatede with data from earlier row. Were you able to achieve the functionality of removing "Add record" link and adding a new link that adds a record to editable table. Appreciate your help if it has been achieved. 


Hi there,

Any solution on this? I am interested in it.

I am also interested in a hide/show possibility of the add record, depending on circumstances in my page.



I would like to see this too