Debugger Not Working - A Possible Solution

Once in a while we get reports that the debugger is not working properly. The typical symptoms are:

  • I start a debug session, but the debugger never reaches a breakpoint;
  • I'm in the middle of a debug session, and the debugger just hangs;
  • I'm in the middle of a debug session, and the debugger stops working.

A Possible Cause

During a debug session, the IDE contacts the environment where your app is deployed using HTTPS or HTTP if the first option is not available.

During a typical debug session the IDE communicates back and forward several times with the environment. So to keep the debugger fast, the IDE asks the environment to keep an open connection.

Depending on your anti-virus, firewalls, or other network elements you might have in place, it's possible that these elements abruptly close the connection between the IDE and the environment after a while.
And that's when the debugger hangs.

The Solution

From OutSystems Platform:


You can configure the IDE so that it establishes a new connection for each request made to the environment.

In Edit menu, under Preferences, check the Use One Connection per Request in Debugger option.

Each time the IDE needs to retrieve some information from the environment, a new connection is established. So it's possible that by activating this option, the debugger feels a little bit slower.

Still Not Working?

There might be other problems affecting your debug session. If this change doesn't work for you, check out this post that explains some other causes for the debugger to be misbehaving.

I know this is an old post, but I wanted to thank you because this also worked for me.

By the way I am using OutSystems Platform: 


So this is also valid for this version.

Very Good! Worked correctly.

It works :)

Thanks, this is still relevant nowadays and it fixed the debugger for our Azure Environment. Is there any way this can be forced from the server instead of the user having to check this box in Service Studio?

Wasted 3 Hours on it ,finally landed here. Now everything works ,Thank you ! 

Strange thing is that debugger was working fine yesterday connecting to same network