Server Time not synchronized

Server Time not synchronized

Hi everyone,

I know of a situation, a client hosted on cloud, that has a dev and prod with different times. They are both on UTC/GMT, but considering that now is 09:36:
  • Dev is 4 minutes ahead of time, meaning it has 09:40
  • Prod is one minute behind, meaning it has 09:35
How come? It's hosted on OutSystems cloud (PaaS).

Welcome to the world of VMs. :)

My experience has been, if you want a guaranteed good time, always pull it from a central server.

Oh man...
I thought this was included in the service :)

I want to guarantee a correct time and get a NTP pool to sync those times. How can I do it on environments hosted by OutSystems?

How do I sync environments time on OutSystems public cloud?
Hi Tiago,

The time mismatch you observed is the result of a defect, which is already being addressed.
Soon, all the servers in the OutSystems public cloud will be in sych with the same time server.

Feel free to open a support case for a more detailed status and follow-up.

Hi Tiago, 

We had the same issue.
All of our servers (hosted by Ooutsystems [Dev, QA and Prod]) where out by a few minutes but fixed via a support case.