Refreshing last level on a cascading List Records


I have a List Records, where each line has a checkbox that when is checked by the user, shows another lisbox(weblock that was hidden) below. Its like a drill down table with hierarchycal records. When you click on one line it shows up some values below, and then if you click one of those records below it opens another listbox below... it has 3 levels.

I had no problem doing that, however there are some settings on the page that when are changed should reflect changes in the lower level of the hierarchy(ajax refresh). Thats where im having problems, because i can only refresh the first level (weblock), and i want to refresh the 3rd level(weblock). Is there any way i can achieve this?  Do i have to use some kind of javascript?

Best regards,
Bruno Guedes

Hi Bruno,

If you refresh a webblock, it will refresh everything inside. So if you refresh the 1st level webblock, the 3rd level will refresh as well. Note that when refreshing a webblock, the Preperation is executed. If you don't want that, you'll need to check for the IsLoadingScreen() built-in function so you can skip initialization code.

Hi Kilian,

My understanding on refreshing a weblock was also that it would refresh everything inside, and by doing that, it would refresh all the other weblocks, but that wasnt the effect i was getting.
Your post helped me a lot to find what i was doing wrong, and your last tip "IsLoadingScreen()" was really very helpfull in achieving the result i was aiming to.

Thank you very much.
Hi Bruno,

You're most welcome. Great to hear I could be of help :).