How-to: Generate SDK from your exposed Outsystems Platform REST API web service

APIMatic is an online code generator that generates Software Development Kit (SDK) in multiple programming language from a REST definiation file; It is similar to swagger codegen ( but better!

1) Register an account at
2) Click on "My APIs" from the the main menu
3) Copy and paste your outsystems swagger API definition URL^ into the input field and click on the "Import" button
4) Modify any settings as required
5) Click on the "Generate" button (the cube)
6) Select your programming language (C#, Java, Objective-C, phython, Ruby etc)
7) thats it! Done use your newly generated SDK in your favourite programming language.

^You can find your outsystems eSpace swagger definiation URL via

You could also try "RESTunited" (RESTunited is primarily based on the open-source project "swagger-codegen")

In case anyone is interested in a comparison between APIMatic, Swagger Codegen and AutoRest (another free, open-source code generator), I did a little comparison here: (May 2016)

There's also a discussion in HackerNews: (Sep 2016)

Hope this helps you make the right choice.