Consume REST: Structure attribute to retrieves JSON Object

Is it possible to retrieve an JSON Object via a Structure Attribute?

The problem: The JSON structure always changes on every response, how do I retrieve the json object? (in this case I can not simply create the structure since the structure is unknown and can not be determined in advance)
Hi Robert,

Are you saying you receive JSON that has no know possible structures? Anything goes?
Kilian, yes that is correct!

The method wraps multiple web service into one method, there are a few common response fields; the rest of the JSON object fields is always different.

The only choice might be write the code in c#, because outsystems platform can not read JSON objects, it can  only read text string (it would be good if it let me set a structure attribute as a JSON object data type - or detect this itself when the field is set as a text data type convert it to a string/text.)!

What do you want to do with the received JSON? If it's really always different, how aere you going to process? that said, there's of course the ardoJSON component in the Forge that might be of some help.