[ECT Client Connector] Fix for SEO URLs (CSS broken)

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Published on 2015-06-09 by Labs
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Published on 2015-06-09 by Labs
Several months ago I worked with Ricardo Silva to resolve a bug in the ECT Connector code that broke screenshots that were taken of pages utilzing the SEO URLs (specifically in the case where the espace name is removed from the URL)
eg www.outsystems.com/testpage.aspx would be broken, however, www.outsystems.com/espace/testpage.aspx would work fine.

We tracked the problem down the the CSS trailing / code in the extension.

I attempted to update to the new version of ECT, however it appears that the quickfix did not get put into the production ECT code.

Is there any plan to extend this fix to the forge version of the ECT so that we can utilize the most recent version and updates as the ECT module is updated?

Braxton Bragg
Hello Braxton,

sorry for the late reply but only today I've stumbled into your post.

Ricardo has passed along the fix and we've already introduced it into the code base. I think that it will be available in the next release, if not the previous, but I'll check and let you know.

When you mention a Forge version of ECT, you're referring to what?

I mean this connector, version 1.0.0

Hello Braxton,

actually the fiz was done not in the Client Connector but in the platform itself. It is available in

Are you able to upgrade?

Pedro Cardoso