Site rule to application pool different than "OutsystemsApplications" does not work

Site rule to application pool different than "OutsystemsApplications" does not work

Recently we configured some rules for redirect domains to correct eSpace instead of use a "redirect file", but rules for espace not on "OutsystemsApplications" are not working. 
I'm getting this error:
HTTP Error 403.18 - Forbidden
The specified request cannot be processed in the application pool that is configured for this resource on the Web server.
Is there any way to get this working ?
Hi João,

Have you checked SEO Rules in Service Center.
Hi Nuno,

I used  Service Center -> SEO Friendly URLs - Site Rules and add a rule to my domain, but if i choose an espace that is not in "OutsystemsApplications" does not work.

I've a few application pools to isolate several groups of espaces.
Have checked this document or this post, try to follow all the configuration steps.
I didn't find written any limitation for other application pools.
I followed the document you mentioned. And confirmed if there were any limitation also.
Are you able to reproduce this scenario?
Just create in your servicecenter one site role (on dev enviroment for example), for every requestes to your machineName to an eSpace that is not in Outsystems Applications application pool and tell me what you get?
I've received confirmation from Outsystems support, that the SEO Rules defined in Service Center work exclusively for the applications contained in the Application Pool "OutsystemsApplications".
I have opposite issue. I have Default Website (OutSystemsApplications app pool) and under that several applications (related to outsystems RichWidgets etc. and other web services). Outsytems apps are under OutSystemsApplications app pool and we create seprate app pools for each non-outsystems web service. Now my understanding is that SEO Site Rules apply only to OutSystemsApplications app pool applications but it seem to be affecting a new web-service that I created and In iis logs I see it using that site rule and as a result I am getting 403 error message. Any explaination about it ?

It started working today. Could be something to do with recycling the app-pools ?
Any clarification on this ?
Hello Kota,

Since it is working for you. Can you please help me with this

I have created a Site Rule in SEO URL for example Base URL and it is using the espace iCommute. I want to access the application using the SEO URL. When I try it doesnot open my application I even tried or

I tried and But nothing seems to be working.

Let me what is the mistake i am doing here.