How much effort is it to change the theme of my application From London to Dublin or any of the new Silk themes.

Is there perhaps documentation that I can go and look at?

Hi Andre,

Where bussy on this moment with building a custom SilkUi based on the dublin theme. It will take some work because all the screens need to be changed to the new silk webblocks!

Good luck
I have already tried this. It took me some time to change all the screens, as freek mentioned, and do some minor corrections, so I gave up.

Now I'm thinking abou customizing the London CSS to "look like" Dublin: Side menu and main content with dynamic width. Someone here already tried?
Andre first start up with changing the slow segments of your themes like header footer and so on.

The best way to do that is replicating the CSS Classes and overwriting them in custom CSS space...

Changing the Theme to really fit in your needs is not quite straight forward ..... Even though you want to build and they say it follow the grid controls its quite a task and very messy to keep changing them.

What we did was to have some simple custom template and overlap everything of London theme so that we can get hold of the screen space... 
Hello Andre,

Sorry for the really late reply.
There is actually documentation about this migration on the Silk UI Website.

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Samuel Jesus

Hi there

I have already built my application based on the LondonFixed theme. Now I want to change my theme, how can I do that ?

I am not able to increase the width of the container. How can I change the CSS ? When I inspect the element, i get below information.


I am able to override my CSS against the theme but I am still not able to change my theme.

Please advise.

Shweta, can you please provide an example (visual if possible) of what you want to change in your interface? And the access to the system as well?


Please notice the screenshot attached. My current theme is LondonFixed (Highlighted in yellow). I want to enable the theme called Chicago as I am not happy with the UI of the existing theme.



Ok, So, click o on your own theme and change the Base Theme to Chicago.

After that you have to change the layout of all the existent screens:

- Click on the screen

- Change to the widget tree and click on the 'Layout' element

- Then change it's source to the Chicago/Theme

- You'll see some placeholder's changes. Just correct the warnings, and you're good to go.


What Joao says is correct, but there can be a slightly better approach, if you have multiple screens.

- have both themes and layout-webblocks in the references.

- select the old-layout webblock and hit f12/find usages

- hit the replace all button in bottom-right of search box

- select the new layout-webblock

- click ok, and all layoutwebblock should have been replaced with the new one.

- fix the warnings if any , (click on the warning and hit delete if you want to delete the placeholder for example)


Good J. A shortcut, and I love them... ;)

Thank you for the solution. It's quick and easy :)