Insert a List inside a Table Records

Insert a List inside a Table Records

I'm new in Outsystems,I Have a Table Record with several values, and I want to insert in a column of that table a list of values that depends of the Id of each record, But I can't insert a list values inside a table Record.

For example entities are {CLD}, {CLDProjects},{Projects} .The table has the GetCLD.List, here each CLD has 1 to many ProjectId related through {CLDProjects}

Now in the Table I have to but the list of all Project number associated with a CLD.Id.
How can I do something like this ?

Most commonly used is using a webblock.
you can insert a webblock, which can contain everything again.

I tried to add a web block with the Table records which holds the list of Projects and used inside the table

The issue now is my table looks little ugly, each cell in a row is having different colors. How can I deal with this
Ok, besides I answered plainly what you want.

I am not sure what you want to achieve and I doubt you need a list in a list?
what's the userstory for that table.
and isn't it possible to show it with a join?

or, for example, the webblock doesn't contain another table, but listrecords.

Each CLD has more than one project associated with it.
What I want is to display Projects associated with the CLD in the table. If the Projects associated are more than one then I am using Widgets\TooltipEllipsis to indicate more than one project is associted with the CLD.

What I did is created a web block with the table records
SELECT {Project}.[Number]

From {Project}
INNER JOIN {CLDProjects} ON {CLDProjects}.[ProjectId] = {Project}.[Id] and {CLDProjects}.[CLDId] = @CLDId
Using the if condition
SQL1.List.Length > 1
Ok, I see where you are going. why not using a group by in the main sql?
something like this:
select {cld}.[name], min({project}.[number]), count(*) 
LEFT JOIN {CldProject} On ({Cld}.[Id] = {CldProjects}.[CldId]) 
LEFT JOIN {Project} ON ({CldProjects}.ProjectId = {project}.Id) 
GROUP BY {Cld}.[name]
This way (untested) you get the lowest project-number (which when the count = 1 is the one you want, and count(*) is the number of projects...
I suggest to google for group-by for better explanations and examples...