Graphs with Multi-Axes on HighCharts


I need to build a graph with different unit axes. More specifically a graph with a temperature curve, plus a pressure curve plus a oxygen curve. Is It possible show the 3 diferents units on a same graph using the highcharts ?

Thank you
Yes and not sure, yes it can be done in Highcharts: not sure how easy it is with the Outsystems-variant.
Hi J,

I appreciate your guidance. I get insert the multples axes in my graph, putting the same HighChart JSFiddle example in a JSON script inserted in the AdvancedFormat's widget graph attribute. But I don't get put the series clausule to associate the series with the correspondents axis. Then, the graph shows the first serie axe correctly, but the second appears empty.

I see that the pair Outsystems-HighCharts is a powerful tool to develop graphs, but I also see that in most cases you need to be a programmer to reach the objectives more quickly.

I appreciate to receive any kind of help, because the cause-error process is very slow e tired.

Best Regards,