Invalid character: U+0000 NULL. Null characters should not be used.

Hi everyone,

I have a website that when I open the source of the page i find some red dots.

IE shows me the following message:
Caráter inválido: U+0000 NULO. Não devem ser utilizados carateres nulos. 

These red dots are in code locals, generated by the platform... It could be my code that is putting them at some point?
It's possible remove them?

The problem is that sometimes appears invalid characters in the middle of my code which generates errors ..

Sorry for the long post. Any idea?

Are you loading any custom scripts?
Hi Joshua,

Yes, i'm loading custom scritps.
But I think I've found the problem.

Two things, the first had to encode the propertie Href of AddLinkTag.
The second an action of ours that it will be reviewed or changed.

Plácido Miranda