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Published on 2018-02-19 by Barduino
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Published on 2018-02-19 by Barduino
I bought Arduino Uno R3 first of all, but do not know how you are connected to Outsystems

What is Mysensor?
Hi Yuji,

There are many components to this project.

Let us start with the hardware and hardware libraries.

First navigate to MySensors.org or https://www.mysensors.org/about/ and read through.

MySensors is the hardware library which enable you to transform a pair of arduinos and radio modules into a network of sensors. You will need at least 2 arduinos and 2 radio frequency modules so that you can have a gateway and a sensor.

The gateway connects to HAALL via a NodeJS application (see details on the intro page https://barduino.outsystemscloud.com/HAALL/IntroPage.aspx)

Finally you have the controller it self (HAALL) to work visualize the information from the sensors and in some case to interact with them (turn on and off lights for example)

The MySensors web site has many examples (https://www.mysensors.org/build/) and a great forum.