Support for Amazon RDS Aurora? (MySQL-compatible database)

Will outsystems support Amazon RDS Aurora? Arora is a MySQL-compatible database.

That means most applications built for MySQL should also run on Amazon Aurora database.

Amazon RDS Aurora
We did some preliminary research, but we currently have no plans to support Aurora as Platform database. As you probably know, anyone can use the Database SDK to integrate Aurora databases in OutSystems applications, though.

Actually, Amazon is selling Aurora as a drop-in replacement for MySQL 5.6. So you should be able to use it without any problems.

But, as João said, this is not officially tested and supported, meaning some issues may in fact arrise.
Well, Ricardo may know better, but says:

"Q: What does "MySQL-compatible" mean?

It means that most of the code, applications, drivers and tools you already use today with your MySQL databases can be used with Aurora with little or no change. "

I don't know about you, but the words "most" and "little" make me a bit nervous... 

How does outsystems test database compatibility? can I do this myself? (do you have a c# unit test suite that I can run against amazon RDS aurora database to check for compatability) 
There's a lot involved in certifying a DBMS and there are some unit tests involved. There are also a lot of other kinds of tests which have to do with OutSystems Platform functionality which are not so easily runnable.

And no, you can't do this yourself :)

I'll see if I can run the unittests agains an aurora RDS instance out of curiosity, but whatever the result doesn't mean the outsystems platform is supported with this RDMS.
By the way, with the Database Integration SDK which I know you have access to, you can run most of the tests for MySQL :)
Like I said, out of curiosity I took the effort of running our unit tests against an Aurora instance and here are my findings.

Integration tests pass with flying colors.

I wasn't able to get all the Platform database tests to pass, but I only got less than 2% (9 out of 600+) failing and am sure most of them were due to configuration hurdles in my machine. I am pretty confident I would be able to get this number to 2 failing tests with a little extra configuration effort. One of those already fails in MySQL and is tied to MySQL limitations, the other one was happening due to a reason I couldn't directly attribute to missing configurations.

Additionally I was able to install the OutSystems Platform model, Service Center and System Components in an Aurora database, so basic functionality seems to function.

Please note that this does not mean we officially support this, just that you can expect to run over Aurora (at your own risk) without many problems. We have a lot of tests which are not Unit Tests which wouldn't be feasible for me to run on my own.

This is true now when Aurora was just released with heavy MySQL compatibility. It's not clear to me that further down the line, Aurora will not diverge more from standard MySQL and make incompatible changes which could jeopordize a system being built over this without proper database support from the OutSystems Platform.
i feel a bit nervous this issue.

Ricardo, could you post the known issues for both MySQL and aurora?
Why do you feel nervous, oscarjpink?

Robert, the known MySQL limitation is that you can't disable triggers in MySQL. We work around it by dropping triggers and recreating them when needed.
Ricardo, thanks for doing the test and reporting back your findings :)

As we are now in 2019, has there been an update to the database compatibility of Outsystems to Aurora?