Decimal separator

Decimal separator

Hello, in input fields I need to show 4 or 2 decimal places and decimal separator should be comma, not dot as default in site paramet set. I changed decimal separator is site property to comma, but now when I do calculations and assigning results to fields I want to show, fields comes blank. I think there is problem, because when I do calculations, I am using FormatDecimal function, and when decimal separator is comma calculations did not work. What I should in my situation? 

Another problem I encountered is when I do custom SQL query and I have entity with two foreigns with same Entity
For example:
from {Account}
        left join {Dictionary} on {Account}.[DictionaryId] = {Dictionary}.[Id]
        left join {Dictionary} as dict on {Account}.[AnotherDictionaryId] = dict.[Id]

And output structure looks like this:

And problem I have is that ,dict.* did not work. What I have to do in situations when I need to join same table several times?

Suggestion: use two separate posts for two separate questions.

1. FormatDecimal has always worked for me with commas. Please copy/paste your FormatDecimal expression.

2. Expand the "*" to all of the columns you are selecting.