[Search and Autocomplete] How to use the ranked search for free

[Search and Autocomplete] How to use the ranked search for free

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Published on 15 Jan by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 15 Jan by leonardo.fernandes
Hi. As a launch offer to the RankedSearch feature, I will provide two licenses free of charge to selected projects. These licenses are perpetual, but do not include rights to the source code.

If you believe that your project could really benefit from a modern search engine, then start integrating it with the RankedSearch. Here's how to start.
When you have reached something awesome, show it to me. You can give me a link to a live demo, or simply a screencast video. Also, please do give me some business context on the use case. Use private messages as to not spoil anything!

In the beginning of september, I will announce the users who will get free licenses. The announcement will be public, here on this forum thread. The projects themselves will not be disclosed at this time.

In exchange, I want feedback on the component. And, when the project goes live, the ability to write a public case study on the project and the benefits that were brought to the users and the business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Best regards,
Leonardo Fernandes
I think that your search would be an excellent addition to our site and we have tried to implement a more intelligent search funtion ourselves with limited success.  We are developing an equipment access control system to be used campus wide at Georgia Tech and a big concern is someone typing an acronym to a type of equipment (such as SEM or S.E.M or S-E-M) and their search being sucessful is critical to a potential user finding the piece of equipment they want to use.  I will send you a private message shortly including my contact information.
Just to clarify, a license is only required for production environments. You can try the component on development environments, or even on your personal environments, without any limitation!
There's a new version of the Search and Autocomplete, including improvements on the RankedSearch. You can start building a search engine for your project right now!

Start a proof of concept, and when you have something awesome, show it to me. I will give you a production license of the RankedSearch for free, if you are quick enough.