New Web Block Notify Behavior

Up until OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam, the NotifyWidget action execution is delayed to the end of the request. When the response arrives in the browser, an extra round trip to the server executes the On Notify handler.

Starting on OutSystems Platform 9 Bali, NotifyWidget behavior changes and it's renamed to Notify.
The new Notify action executes the On Notify handler synchronously in the same request. This avoids the need for extra round trips from the browser to the server. As a consequence, the On Notify handler is now executed inside the same transaction and request context as the original caller.
To keep the previous behavior on upgrade, all usages of the NotifyWidget action are replaced by a JSNotifyWidget user action. This action is created during the upgrade and uses the Notify JavaScript API.
This way you can progressively upgrade your applications to use the new Notify action and the new behavior. 
To speed up the process, you can find all usages of the JSNotifyWidget action and replace them by the Notify action.
For more information, please check the updated help for the Notify action.
Hey Paulo ,

I am stuck with an issue on Outsystem 9 after upgrading my application from Outsystem 6.

In my screen i got 2 dropdowns which is inside webblocks. for the dropdown-1, i got a OnNotify property which does a screen action to populate the value in dropdown-2. its works fine while selecting a value from dropdown-1.

but my requirement is to trigger this screen action automatically while the page opens.

 can you please help me to getting this done?? its an urgent requirement for me.

Hopefully ,
Hi Prassin,

Are you able to execute the same logic as the screen action in the preparation of the screen? That way you'd get the values of dropdown-2 initialized when the page opens, and they would still be updated when you change dropdown-1 (if you keep your current OnNotify logic).