VPN Link

Good afternoon,

I was reading about the VPN link that is possible to activate, allowing the OutSystems Platform running on the cloud to connect securely to the on-premises environments. My question is, can access the connection remotely? or use a third party software to connect to the VPN? allowing a user to acess through the VPN to the applications?



Hi Diogo,

I have tripped on this old thread, and notice that it was unanswered.

Did you check the articles that we created on the Knowledge Base in the meantime?

https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Set_up_a_VPN_to_your_PaaS/01_What_is_a_VPN_(Virtual_Private_Network) and the links at the bottom of the page under 'More information'.

Does it address your questions?


Hi João,

Thank you for the reply but at the time, i asked directly to a colegue of yours and he answered me, although the new information you have pointed out clarifies what i was asking.