Slim/AngularJS versus Outsystems, an personal experience

Slim/AngularJS versus Outsystems, an personal experience

Recently I POC’d a site with Outsystems for a non-profit organisation. It was a breeze and they were impressed with the speed, the look and feel and the working of the site.

Sadly their own site was a wordpress-site and being a non-profit organization I could not dare to tell the license costs of the platform. Thus I needed to come up with a solution that was open-source. After doing some research (and having played with php when it was still version 2) I came up with the following.

Slim-framework to expose the mysql-database as REST-webservices.
This works like a breeze, it was easy to setup, especially the router is very lovely.
I love the speed of it!
Outsystems: get us the routing!
Downside, the horrible queries and looping through the rows to make it actual json.

AngularJS with some Jquery and Bootstrap.
This was a harder nut to crack, but I managed to create a site with it.
On a positive note, the ng-repeat is very useful to create tables vertical AND horizontal!
Downside, the logic can be very strange.

In conclusion, the effort of making the site is really tough and prone for errors.
The lack of a proper IDE, the simple dev-ops is a big plus for Outsystems.
The speed of development is actually awesome with Outsystems.
I actually take it for granted nowadays, and doing this slim/angularjs project reminded me of the speed.
The raw-speed of SLIM framework actually impresses me, and there Outsystems is lacking imho.
There seems a bit of slowness in the REST-webservices. (perhaps we need to blame .NET for it J )
Generating tables with sideways with the columns is a missing part of Outsystems.

The biggest impact is that I simply have to use slim/angularjs due to the costs.
If the license just was, say 2400euro per year for a cloudinstance like the personalcloud, but without the “sleeping” part (and some extra features) I would convince the world to use Outsystems!
@j I really understand your point. I have been in the same boat multiple times , when 70% of our client base are small- mid-level sized client . Many times I pitch outsystems to them , I get feedback like amazing oroductivity but no smart license for business operating at that level of tge food chain . Its only the top 10% of my clients that can surely put up with the cost associated with the platform. In terms of performance outsytems really has some work to do in terms of response rate and fluidity of apos built on top of the platform. Php plus angular is damn fast combo. Great post J
Indeed, the licence costs are extremely steep. It would be great if there was a small business licence. This would also allow small software companies to create OutSystems software - because of the high licence costs, it's only possible to make software for big companies, and they either have their own software department, or they do business with large, established companies.