Enquiries on eSpace and database


I have a few enquiries on eSpace and database access.

1) Can 1 eSpace access other project's database (i.e. eSpace A access eSpace B data through view etc)
2) can oracle hints be used in the SQL query in Outsystem platform.
Hi Jian,

1) What do you mean by "project", what is your configuration?
2) There's some thread about this on this forum. Iirc, you can't because the query preprocessor filters out all comments.
Hi Kilian,

sorry i'm a bit new, for example i have these 2 projects:

can I take data from CustomerMangement project in Phonebook project
Hi Jian,

If you have a single Platform installation, it runs on a single database (you can however isolate application data in separate catalogues, but that's an advanced feature you probably shouldn't touch). If you want to use an entity from one eSpace in another, make it public in the producer eSpace and reference it in the consumer eSpace. Applications are for functional grouping only, they don't effect the way eSpaces can reference each other.