Mapping multiple rows of dynamic values

Mapping multiple rows of dynamic values

I'm currently mapping values of the system to XML file which is really massive approximately 1000+ fields. 

I have a issue in couple of locations where by I get subsets of data (e.g: Previous Employment history which has multiple rows / Previous travel / Last insurance Claim history)

Can you please suggest me a way how to map those subset values inside the xml 

Currently I'm using  something like this "Replace(XML," {!Bor_MoInc}",Bo_EmployerNewTable.List.Current.Employer_New.MonthlyIncome)"

Details goes here

Address goes here

Job Details
1 Company Details 1 Job Description1 Salary Details 1 etc
2 Company Details 2 Job Description2 salary Details 2
3 Company Details 3 Job Description3 salar Details 3
These Details can be dynamic as it might increase any number of times.