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i am going to use the application version record in my application, and i have fount this data in ApplicationVersion Table, but i dont know where is exatly this table locate, i have search in the lifetime eSpace but i couldn't found any, any help about that ? 

It seems it is not exposed.

It is exposed for the LifeTime SDK API's: ApplicationVersion_List
But it is only available in the LifeTime Environment, so if you want to access that information in your other environments (since the recommendation is to have a dedicated environment for LifeTime separated from your dev/qa/prod environments) you will need to make a Lifetime plugin, publish it in the LifeTime environment and create a WebService/REST API to access the information you need there.

You can read more about the LifeTime Plugins here.

João Rosado
Hi João,

That's useful information, thanks.