When I access the page that I have configured it says:

But when I add the "https://", it works correctly:

Nothing is set for HTTP Security for this specific page. Anything else I need to look at (the logs doesn't tell much)?
Is it only this specific page that gets this error? A 503 usually means the web server is out of order.
The HTTP Security inherit the value from the parent Web Flow if it is not set.
Do you have anything set at the HTTP security at the flow level?

Also, can you access any other pages without https? (can also be blocked at the IIS level)

João Rosado
Hi Joao,

The 'MainFlow' HTTP Security is set to 'None'. I have created another page on the same flow and it still show the same behavior.

For some weird reason I just noticed, the web block inside this Reports.aspx page is not visible in the MainFlow IDE. This page is a blank page that is supposed to hold table list web blocks.

I cut and pasted it back again under the MainFlow web flow and saw that it automatically showed up (above screen). I published it hoping that this could be a bug or a mistake on my part but when published, it still give me the same error.

Hello JC,

The HTTP 503 unavailable error is usually related to the application server not having the service enabled for the request you've made. This is not controlled by the application flow, but rather the appliction server bindings for the hostname and ip that you use to access the application.

The fact the the HTTPS binding works, but the HTTP doesn't, it suggest that for the hostname or IP that you use to access the application,  the appliction server binding is only configured for HTTPS and not HTTP. 

Since this is a .NET application server, you most likely have some wrong binding, ou application pool configuration for that hostname in HTTP.

Without knowing the binding configuration, I can't pinpoint the configuration problem.

It's also possible that the application is in need of some love and caring in the form of a IIS reset, but I have no information that would suggest that.

Can you explore the configurations on IIS for the HTTP protocol and that hostname and IP?