Debugging exposed REST API Method

Debugging exposed REST API Method

I want to debug an exposed RESP API Method, but the debugger never stops where I put the break point. In Service Center I can see that the method has been invoked, and the caller gets valid return values, so it has been executed. What gives?
Hi Killian,

There is an issue in the current version that in Exposed REST API's it doesn't stop on debugger when the request IP is not from the same machine that has the Service Studio open.
The fix is scheduled to be included in the next Platform Server release.

João Rosado
Hi João,

That's great. Do you know the Platform's version number this will be included in?
Not yet.
Joao -

Isn't that how the SOAP debugging works too?


The IP checks should only be in place when debugging Web Screens to avoid multiple users debugging in the Public Area to stop on each other breakpoints.
Services or Non-Human started requests should not considered that restriction. This should apply to Web Services, Timers, Processes, ...

I'll double check that SOAP Web Services do not have the same issue.

João Rosado
SOAP debugging works fine for me. We've always used SOAP up till recently (since the platform didn't support REST), and debugging SOAP actions has never been a problem.