Changing PopUp Editor Screen Width


I created a form filling table using the Outsystems scafolding method. The screen to update the fields use a richwidgets popup editor. It works, but the width of the screen is very short and it is hard to fill the fields. How can I do to expand the screen width?


This is a known problem. The width of the pop-up can be specified in the RichWidgets screen widget. By default it is empty, meaning "fit to content", but if the content is fluid, you get a very tiny pop-up with everything scrambled.
Hi Roberto,

You can set width of popup editor . Just click on the popup editor where you dragging it and set width in properties. 

Check attached screenshot.

I think this will solve your problem.
Thanks Kilian and Suraj!

I changed the Rich Widget Popup widht and the Form width also. Then I got change the screen limits. It works.