Drop Down Menu- 2 arrows!

Drop Down Menu- 2 arrows!


Hello, I am working on Outsystems 8. I've tried implementing a drop down menu, but the drop down arrow, for each menu item appears twice, usually to the left of each menu item and on the menu item. Ideally I just want the arrow on the menu item only. Does anyone know how to potentially sort this?

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it depends how you implemented it.
what's the raw html?
do you add the arrow by class or...

I went on the Menu Tab, clicked the Rich Widget, turned drop down menu on, and dragged the pages across. I see DropDown Arrow is twice in the CSS, but I never manually added it, and deleting it didn't work. I think it went on automatically? Where would I find the Raw HTML? (I am new to this).
I have the same problem.
It looks like within the Dropdown webblock every container gets a Span with the arrow.

How can you deleted those span elements?