Connect to Amazon Redshift

Connect to Amazon Redshift


Has anybody connected Outsystems to Amazon Redshift database? We have not been able to do so.
Any help is appreciated.
What have you tried? What were your results?

The OutSystems Platform does not support natively Amazon Redshift database. However, Amazon Redshift appears to be based on PostgreSQL. Have you tried using the (user built) PostgreSQL database plugin ?

I'm the author and I would be interested in knowing any difficulty you had while trying to connect to an Amazon Redshift database, if you have tried using the ardoPostgreSQL plugin.
Hi Ricardo:

My outsystems admin tried the following

In the server field, I tried:
In the database field I entered:
In the Username and Password fields, I entered the  values that you sent to me.
The errors that came back were all similar to:
Connection String test failed: Failed to establish a connection to ''.

Where are you trying to configure this? Can you please share a screenshot?
HI Ricardo:

Attached is the screen shot
Ok, you are using my PostgreSQL connector.

The current version doesn't seem to work very well with redshift due to an incompatibility in the version of the npgsql library which I use to connect to the database.

However, it seems that newer versions of the library work. I have tested and was able to connect to it. I will do some further testing to better understand the implications. I hope to be able to come up with more information during the weekend, where I'll be able to pick this up.
Hello Avinash,

The latest release of ardoPostgreSQL adds preliminary support to Redshift.

Feel free to test it out. Please bear in mind the limitations I mention on the release notes.