Popup window size
I am using a popup editor widget. The popup shows some details. By default pop up window size is very huge.
So I added a link on the widget. On click of that it will expand or collapse the popup. I written a javascript and passed a one of the container ID to the function. It resizes the container size but not popup window size. I tried to expamd/collapse widget but problem was same.
Can anyone help me on this?
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Hi Piyusha
IDK if this helps you, but you can define a static size to your popup windows.
In order to do this i can give you 2 options:
Option 1:
Enclose every single object of your popup in  one container and then define the size of that container.
Option 2:
The Popup editor widget have some options that you can use in order of define a size.
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Thanks Élio Machado.
Actually I have a huge deascription of a table record on a pop up.
Hence I want popup to be of smaller size bydefault. And there will be link on popup, onclick of which the size of popup will increase. i.e. popup will expand.
I am using a container on popup. but onclick event resizes that container but not popup window.
Popup window remains of size description.

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i experienced the same, and i did the trick that work -  just add this expression in the bottom of the popup windows-:

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FormatText(" ",200,300,False," ")