[JIRA Connector] Create Issue with custom fields?

[JIRA Connector] Create Issue with custom fields?

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Published on 20 Oct by OutSystems
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Published on 20 Oct by OutSystems
It's possible create Issue with values for custom fields?
Hello ALberto,

yes it is, but you'll need to change the connector to fit your custom fileds.

Pedro Cardoso
Hi Pedro!

Could you help me telling which is the connector?
Hello Alberto,

I meant that you need to change the Jira connector itself. I would advise you to clone the existing one and start from there.

After that, it depends on what you're planning to do: creating or listing issues. You'll have to read the documentation of the Jira REST API to understand how to use your custom fields and where.
Hi Pedro,

As you mentioned in your post, where we can get the documentation of the Jira REST API.


Hello Salil.

You can check the documentation in JIRA https://docs.atlassian.com/jira/REST/latest/

Thanks, Let me read !