Data not displaying in web site

Data not displaying in web site

The data in my excel spreadsheet does not display on the published website. A message displays that No coimputers to show. The spreadsheet has been imported as an entity and a preparation has been run. The first record only shows in the list view in service studio (It also states that it is showing records 51-100 of 721 records- I only have 30 records. I have been able to import and display much smaller data sets ok so I think I am doing the correct steps. This data set is is not large just 30 rows x 24 columns. Is this a restriction in the free environment?  I am not an experienced user, just starting out. Screen shots attached. Using  version  Any advice welcome. Thanks

can you share the oml, since it could be anything.

for example, setting maxrecords to 1.
linecount to 1.

tbh, I don't trust the preview at all.

That shouldn't be an issue of the free version. All values are shown, no matter the license.

The "51-100 of 721 records" is a standard value on Service Studio, dont't trust those numbers. But the table should show something. The default number of records is 50. Are you using the right source?
I have attached the oml. Sorry it took me a while to work out how to get this info.
I can verify if I open the app from the website (not using the preview button) I still do not have any records. I believe the source is correct. I have imported the excel spreadsheet as an entity and can add and remove fields ok.

I have found the error logs. it appears I have some invalid data in the spreasheet. i will fix and try again.