Introducing the Support Knowledge Base

Introducing the Support Knowledge Base

Hi everyone!

It's my please to share with you OutSystems' new support knowledge base. This is a central part of our strategy to further improve the quality of our support and documentation to make sure no question goes unanswered.

In this first release we focused on addressing the most common questions that arrive at our support team. As we move forward expect to this knowledge base to grow and improve - with your feedback that is...

For more details check the official announcement in the OutSystems blog.

Hello Davide

Will this replace the current support portal?

Hi Robert,

Not yet, we are promoting the Support Knowledge Base as the preferred entry point for getting "OutSystems Support" but the Support Portal is still around as the place to check your previous support tickets.

P.S. - Nice hearing from you! :)

Hello Davide

Indeed it has been awhile! By the way, the support portal looks great! 
Only thing is when a ticket is submitted, it can not be viewed? (Open tickets are not accessible? )
Thanks for the positive feedback - I'll share it with the team! :)

The new form doesn't create a ticket immediately - only after triage. This is not ideal since you don't immediately get a case number to refer to. Definitely something to improve on!

Keep that feedback coming.
Hi Davide,

Great work! Awsome design and amazing content and organization.
I think this will be a great boost for Outsystems support. 


Thanks Gonçalo! ;)