Hi guys,

I would like to know your thoughts on having processes or timers. Use cases: process queues to dispatch notifications, etc.

Which pattern is better? Having a process with a wait or having a timer?

An even more difficult question (at least, for me): having queues and process them every "X" time or have a process that runs like a thread every time something occurs (for example, a notification)? Does Outsystems handles well multiple active processes?

Hi Carlos,

Timers are typically good for batch processing, i.e. process a large set of data in bulk. They can be scheduled to run at a time of your choosing, so you have control there. Processes are typically used for processing an individual record or set of records, triggered by some event, and are run as soon as they are triggered. So these are two very different paradigms. Which one you choose depends heavily on your specific use case.