[Easy Gantt] Gantt chart breaking down the page
Forge component by Guilherme Pereira
Gantt chart scrolling around
The ganttchart (including sample) doesnt line up
ie - bars ar not next to the row labels
Row labels aer on top, and gantt bars apear down the page

Online the sample https://lguilhas.outsystemscloud.com/EasyGanttSample/GanttSample.aspx?(Not.Licensed.For.Production)=  looks ok but download and run looks different. I wonder if the online version is different to the one used in the smaple?

Q1-how do you set the gantt to display accross the page (not braking down the page)

Q2 - how do you set start and end date for displaying how many months to show?

Regards to all

Update: Note that it works ok in IE, its just in chrome it goes a bit funny?
Hi Joseph,

The sample and the code are exactly the same so they should have the same look and response. If you compare the json from the sample and the version you've downloaded is it the same?

Can you share a link where this is reproduceable? And what is the chrome version on which it doesn't look good?

Answering your questions:
  • Q1: If you want to show full screen you have to adjust the CSS and or wrapping containers in order to do it
  • Q2: The start and end are calculated from the tasks and I do know if there are option to set them explicitly. You can check the gantt view plugin page to see if you can find documentation that could help you.

After trialling many thing I decided to change the theme.
I was using blue/black theme adn the control was not displaying correctly
I changed the theme to StyleGuide5 and the control works

My guess is there is missing stylesheet elements that is required and not in the EasyGantt web component (as this should overright all other theme stylesheets and therefore work with any base theme selected,as being the last stylesheet applied)

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