I am consuming REST web service and it si giving me result as Text List.

Now, My requirement is, I have to bind this text list to a combo box. and combox box required records list instead simple list.

Can someone please help me here.
Hi Brajesh,

The problem is not so much that the combo box needs a record list, but the fact that it needs a list of structures (both simple list and record list will do). What you need to do is to manually convert the list you receive, e.g. by defining a simple structure with a single Text attribute, then ForEaching over the original list and copying the value and ListAppending etc. (unfortunately, ListAppendAll doesn't work in such a case).
Hi Kilian,

So isn't there any other soution to create drop down from XML list.

Suppose, I have 38 liablities nodes at 4th position, after some day that no may change so each time I want to display all the liabilities name in my combo box. How will I map my XML output with the combo box since combo box needs predefined recordlist? 

Note: I am getting XML from the network.

Thanks a lot.
Hi Suraj,

I didn't say the combo box needs a predefined list, I said that the OP needs to create a record list from the simple list in this specific case. If you have XML, you probably already have put that in a record list, so it doesn't apply to your use case.
I dont understand :3
Hi Truong,

That may or may not be a problem, depending on whether you share the OPs situation ;).
Hi Kilian,

Thanks you for your reply.

But can you please elaborate a bit more or step by step solution.
I am getting response as JSON and that is creating a structure, and within that structure, one of the column type is a text list.

Now I have to bind this text list to a combobox upon onChange of another combobox.

See attachement.
Hi Brajesh,

See attached eSpace. The conversion is done in the preperation. For the example to work, you need to change the base URL of the REST.
I have an entitiy to be bound with combobox... I need that to be used in 2 diff places. In one place i need all the records of the entity to be shown..But in another place only specific records of the entity is required..! Is it possible to merge only particular records of the entity...?? 
Hi Nandhini,

What is meant by Is it possible to merge only particular records of the entity...?? 
Do you want to merge all attributes of query to single combo box?

Generally I will go for this scenario. At first place, I will take Aggregate/Advance Query which fetches all the records and will bind that to the combo box.

Second time I will prepare aggregate/advance query with filter conditions which returns particular records and bind that with the combobox.

Hope this help.!

Suraj B