Hi all,

imagine the following situation:

You have a public webblock on eSpace A. Publish it.

On eSpace B you reference that webblock from eSpace A. and publish it.

After this, if you click on add/remove references on eSpace B just to refresh other things, you are always seeing
"Block preview was changed, Perform a refresh to update the element in your module" for the webblock from eSpace A. But you didn't even publish the eSpace again. And everytime that you re-open that popup, it keeps showing that even if you refresh it.

I don't get any errors from this, but its annoying to see this everytime I open that popup.

Publishing a solution with full compilations won't work. As soon as I open the eSpace B again and refresh references, there's the refresh icon again.

I know that I must submit this to support, and I will, but does this happen with you guys? If it does, do you know what can we do as a workaround just to remove that annoying icon?


if I suspect something is wrong with the espace itself (a dangling reference or so) what I normally do is this.

1. save the espace to local drive (export -> save as)
2. open a command-prompt and go to the directory where i saved the espace
3. then "c:\program files....\"servicestudio.exe -recover espacename.oml

Usually it is sufficient

I've seen this problem many, many times, but never found a solution for it. Not worth losing a minute of your time over.

Hey Nelson,

I am facing the same problem since I have started using platform 9. This issue was not there in platform 8. So I think we need to submit this issue to support team.
We've had a single eSpace with a single web block that has caused this refresh message at least since version 6, and has persisted until 9.0.1. Like J.Ja says, not worth losing time over :).
something to do with screens and pixels...


right, I'm not losing time over this. I just like to see everything clean. No warnings, no suggestions, no false update references...etc

The thing that can bother me is that if we are working with a big team (which is not the case right now), you never know if that "false" update reference is really false, or if someone has changed anything that can compromize its look and/or its use on other pages.

So, if I ignore it, I can have some problems in a near future. So, everytime that I open the add/remove references popup, I just press all the "update references" icon, just to make sure.....

Anyway, thanks for all the answers :)

Nelson Freitas

I also have the same issue. Is this a known bug?
Good question. It should be :).

Any solution?

It's often occurring with me, and it does not allow 1-publish!

So I have to "drag" all the blocks to an empty content so it "refreshes" the references, but then breaks the references again randomly!

Hi Maurilio,

I'm not sure what problem you are facing, but the one in the OP is a non-breaking annoyance, that is only visible when refreshing. If you can't publish because of an issue you have, it has nothing to do with the problem described above! Please start a new topic and describe your problem, so we can take a look at it.

Hey Maurilio,

Kilian is correct, this is only an annoying thing. And by the way it still happens and the root cause is references which we can't see on naked eye. But since everything still works we just leave it that way.