Popup Editor inside table records cell: Notify is not called on closing the popup win

I have a main window with Table Records to show all the records.
There are links in each row to start a popup to edit the current record.
The Popup_Editor widget is inside table records cell.
The problem is that Notify is not called on closing the popup window, so the changes are not refreshd in the TableRecords.

The Save action inside the popup window does contain "Popup_Editor_Notify" and "Popup_Editor_Close" actions (see more details in attachment). 

A similar Add record link with a Popup_Editor is in the header of the window and that works well: the records inside the Table Records are refreshd when the popup window is closed. 

When saving the new record in the popup window I see the dubugger going inside the "Notify" action in the main window. 
But it doesn't go there when the popup window is called from the Table Records link. 

Thank you ! 

I can't comment on your specific case, but I've built dozens of screens containing TableRecords with embedded pop-up editors, and the refresh always works without a problem. So what you are trying to do is perfectly possible. See attached eSpace for an example.
Hi - were you able to figure out the problem?  I am experiencing the same thing.  the OnNotify action fires fine when the modal popup is called from a button (to create a new record), but not when it is called from a cell in a table records.


Can you share a minimal eSpace that demonstrates the problem? Does the eSpace I provided work for you?
Hi Kilian - Thanks for the reply.  I created two, basic apps to reproduce the problem and both worked fine.  I went back to my bigger application, deleted everything I had done to create the modal popup, and restarted.  Now it's working as expected.  I must have had a mistake in there somewhere.  

Thanks again!