Anyone experience with SSI's in relation to Silk UI?

The company I work for provides SSI's (Server Side Includes, a kind of HTML webblock) for easy implementation.
The SSI's are responsive and come with their own CSS and JS.

If these SSI are integrated in an empty page without any theme then it works fine. However, if I use it together with Silk UI then all falls apart. Since I already created my pages with SilkUI I would like to keep these. But it seems that they can't play along nicely. I suspect that they both use a combination of css and js that interferes with another.

Is there a way to prevent that they influence eachother and use both?

Hi Hans,

This is a really hard question to answer since you didn't give any information about what is in conflict.

But yes, it's very common that 2 different frameworks interfere with each other, most css frameworks that you find in the internet are very aggressive in trying to "win" over other framework present at the same time.

If your problem is with css, it's hard to make them independent but will depend on what styles are getting broken.
Use a browser debugger and try to understand what is causing the issue. Debuggers have checkboxes on the styles applied to each element, so you can keep unchecking some of them and see if it improves.

if the problem is javascript it is usually easier to make them independent,  but it's really hard to give you any tips without knowing what is the conflict.
The only advice i can give is to check the console for javascript errors... if none, you will have to debug the included scripts.

João Rosado