UPDATE on an External Database Connection

UPDATE on an External Database Connection

I have a External Database connection setup pointing to a couple tables on a DB2 i Series.  I can queries these tables just fine with either an Aggregate object or SQL object.  But I actually need to update some of the records on those external tables.  When I try and run the following SQL statement, it reurns 'No Rows Returned' but no change is affected.  Is this a limitation of the OutSystems External DB Connection feature??

SET {TABLE}.[COLUMN] = 'myValue'

I can run the same statement on IBM Data Studio using the same credentials used by OutSystems, so I'm sure it's not a matter of role restriction.
Marco - It seems to me that the table /  table column which you are referring might be having the conflict. So kindly check that before executing it [or] the values you are passing inside the table or column or id is not matching... 


not sure what kind of conflict you mean.  I didn't get any errors and I'm the only one accessing that record.  Should I be able to execute the Update on an external db??  If so, then maybe I need to contact Support??
Marco - I think you can update an external DB
Hi Marco,

could you check the auto commit in the data base connection in service center.
it should be true.
also check if you have the authorities on you physical file *PUBLIC.
Marco -

That should work fine.

Something I *have* noticed is that queries like this run inside Service Studio won't actually commit, they need to be run inside of the running application. :(

Yep, that was the issue.  It wasn't committing and accepting a 'commit' command either;  but it works in the application. Thanks!