OML source for Liverpool Preview

For the dublin preview we can donwload an OML file.

I cannot see the download preview button for the liverpool preview.

Is there a way to get the oml file for the liverpool preview anywhere?

Thank you
Did you already found the Liverpool Preview eSpace?

NO. I could not find it.
Hello Fabian,

Sorry for the really late reply, but your post missed our radars. For future posts, please use the Silk UI Forums.

Actually, the only available Preview eSpace (OML) is the Dublin Preview.

However, the Liverpool Preview (and all the other previews) are exactly equal, and the only difference is the Theme and base Layout used.

With that in mind, do you still feel you need the Liverpool Preview specifically ? If yes, can you explain the use case you are trying to do ? 

Samuel Jesus
Hi Samuel

We have based our GlobalTheme and Template on the Liverpool theme and Liverpool Template. What i wanted to do is have an app that shows how all these great SilkUI features look with our GlobalTheme. What i ended up doing is download Dublin Preview and change it to Liverpool and our Global Theme. It works but was just a lot of work because there is no global replace for the Source Web Block in every Web Screen.

So i thought since you already have the source code for Liverpool Preview you could make it available for everyone to download. That would have saved me some time.

Thank you